Foodtruck gem

Everyone’s passion for cooking and hospitality is to have their own restaurant or catering service; However, the idea of ​​having a foodtruck is perhaps not so attractive to many who are unaware of the advantages of this type of service. In this article you can find the reasons why having one is a great idea, whether you want to start in the world of restoration or if you want to expand your brand to larger audiences.

It is important that you know that, in the last decade, the foodtruck industry has evolved along with the international trends and consumption habits of modern customers, who prefer to eat away from home in order to optimize their time, to the time they live new experiences.

It is no longer just about street stalls that sell fast and unhealthy food, foodtrucks have improved their offer and benefits, to the point where there are specialized vans, with complex dishes, even gourmet.

The first advantage to highlight of this type of service is without a doubt the cost: if you have reduced capital to start your business, you will find that a foodtruck is a much smaller investment compared to a restaurant; since you will eliminate construction, equipment, furniture, dishes and even personnel expenses. With a foodtruck, the most significant expenses will be to guarantee the raw material, the fuel and maintenance for the truck, the energy for kitchens, the payment of insurance and taxes, supplies and others.

Another advantage is the mobility and versatility offered by a “kitchen on wheels”: as in any restaurant, the location is a key factor to achieve sales and, in the case of a foodtruck, you can vary it for convenience. In addition to bringing your offer to your customers, you can expand and test your culinary skills with different market segments. The most common locations are squares, music festivals, fairs, areas near schools, sports or recreational centers and office buildings, including beaches. In parallel, you can also offer catering services for events, parties and weddings: the premise to make this business profitable will be that there is a large influx of people likely to become your customer.

Adaptability and customization is another advantage, given the high competition in the gastronomic sector. It is no longer enough to have an attractive and well executed menu, customers are looking for memorable experiences, so your foodtruck must have a unique offer. In turn, from the technical point of view, it must have sufficient energy autonomy that allows it to travel long distances and operate without worries. It must also meet your needs in terms of the equipment required and the space to store and prepare food, not forgetting the comfort of the staff.

Here we show you what GEM Industrial Solutions can do for you in matters of customization and design for your foodtruck:

Foodtrucks are in themselves very striking when they achieve a creative design, and from there derives our last advantage: facilities for promotion. Regardless of the type of vehicle you choose (vintage-style van, trailer, trailer, caravan, bus or truck), you must make sure it is unforgettable for passersby. Develop your ingenuity around a brand, which includes elements of merchandising, digital marketing, social networks and other media for advertising at your disposal; and don’t forget that a foodtruck is like a rolling ad, take advantage of it!

These are the advantages that we consider can help you decide to start a foodtruck business. Tell us what you think.

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