We design and manufacture custom-made buffets

Turnkey projects

We carry out “turnkey” projects, we manage the construction and facilities management, offering the technical solutions and the development follow-up necessary to fulfill our commitment.

Buffet Iberostar
Buffet Iberostar

We have engineers, specialists and designers with great experience in the industrial sector, as well as specialized workshops for the custom manufacturing of elements and components for hotel buffets, restaurants, dining rooms, among others.

All our projects comply with established regulations and regulations.

Solid surfaces

Superficies sólidas, amplia gama de diseños y colores.

We use new generation solid surfaces in our projects. These materials offer high performance both functional and aesthetic; They are adaptable, scratch resistant, easy to repair and low maintenance.

Composed of natural minerals and high strength resins, they are warm materials to the touch and similar to natural stone.

They stand out for not having pores, which facilitates cleaning.

Advantages of our solid surfaces:


They do not allow the proliferation of fungi or bacteria; they can be classified as aseptic, in addition to presenting a very low volatility of organic components (VOCs).

High fire resistance

We use self-extinguishing materials in case of fire. Our solid surfaces are non-combustible with excellent fire behavior.


We work with recyclable materials, they can be reprocessed and used again in the production cycle, once their useful life is over.

Resistant to extreme environments

Our surfaces are prepared to withstand extreme conditions: say marine environments, exposure to steam, immersion in water or freezing environments, among others.

Easy cleaning

In case of any superficial burn or intense stain, even those caused by graffiti or markers, these materials can be immediately returned to their original state just by following the recommended cleaning instructions.


The density of new materials, compared to other solid surfaces, such as technical porcelain, artificial quartz or natural marble, is lower; resulting in an easy manipulation of the same, as well as in a great adaptability that allows to create lighter countertops and furniture, while maintaining its qualities.

Imperceptible joints

Shapes and surfaces can be joined together by adhesive bonding kits, similar in composition to the pieces themselves. This characteristic guarantees the chemical and physical continuity of the joints.


Buffet Grupotel Mallorca Mar. 2019
Buffet Grupotel Mallorca Mar. 2019

We present a complete catalog of drop-in elements and screens for buffets, with reliable products of excellently finished and easy installation.

Our wide range of products allows us to create the desired gastronomic space, whether it is a complete catering service or a selection of snacks, built-in elements for food preservation and exposure.

The quality, flexibility and performance of the Drop-In allow its adaptation in different gastronomic environments and enhance creativity and innovation in each project, giving a special role to the exhibition of dishes and meals.

Maximum quality

Our products are made of premium stainless steel AISI 304 18/10, equipped with European-made components, designed for professional, intensive and durable use.


It allows the easy creation of buffets and self-service to the functional and aesthetic measure of the client, starting from standard recessed elements of easy installation.

Easy installation

The recessed elements connect directly to the electrical and / or plumbing connections; while the screens can be installed over the socket. The dashboard is mobile and removable.

Finishes and design

Metal fittings, tempered glass and suspended doors; all with perfect fit, finishes and high-end design details, no welds, rivets, plastics or guides in sight.

Hygiene and ergonomics

All the elements have been designed taking into account ergonomics and ease of use. The materials used, together with the wide sanitary radii applied to the surfaces, also ensure total hygiene.

Efficiency and technology

All equipment is highly efficient thanks to the engineering applied in its technical design and the use of cutting-edge technologies in refrigerant gases and insulation.

Wide range and availability

Our extensive equipment catalog allows you to find a suitable element for each installation, and our permanent stock ensures immediate availability.

Options and accessories

Our range of equipment includes numerous accessories that extend the configuration options, including the “thermometer kit”, which allows to display the temperature of the equipment.

Cold plates

Designed on several levels, with injected ecological insulation of high density and great thickness.

Built-in drain and mobile control panel

Refrigerated tanks

Vessels with sanitary rounded edges and drain. Designed for GN cuvettes up to 150mm deep

Cuba refrigerada

Special fabrications with LED lighting.

Hot plates

Ceramic glass, white or black tempered glass. Heating by electric silicone resistors.

Working temperature of 50-100 ° C regulated by electronic thermostat.

We also have hot desktop plates.

Heat lamps

Decorative heat lamps offer countless versatile options for your food service business; they provide a double benefit: fast food heating and attractive presentation, while decorative luminaires alone provide the necessary light to better illuminate food display areas.

Trinche húmedo con lámpara mantenedora de calor

Available in a wide range of design and colors, with multiple mounting arrangements and switch options.

Heat maintenance screens and anti-fog glass

The maintenance screen, together with the hot plates, form the ideal set for food maintenance that requires heat from the bottom and top. We present a wide diversity of supports, screens and crystals to find a suitable solution to each environment.

  • Double Curve Crystals
  • Straight crystals
  • Front windows
  • Straight and curved safety glass.

Specialized equipment


Teppanyaki. Hotel H10 Ocean Riviera Paradise. México

Our smooth plates of hard chrome and structure in stainless steel AISI 304 18/10, have high thermal conductivity and a low level of radiation, which avoid useless and annoying heat dispersions, obtaining a remarkable energy saving; In addition, they are especially easy to clean and have temperature control sensors mounted directly on the iron.

Grilled ovens

Recommended for restaurants specializing in grilled cuisine, this product is a combination of grill and oven in a single machine.

Manufactured with a series of materials and panels that support the expansion of high temperatures, these ovens keep heat inside and save coal, unlike an open grill.

We have open charcoal grills for cooking Robatayaki style, an ancient culinary technique of Japanese culture, consisting of the Chef being able to prepare his dishes in the open grill in front of the public, in a comfortable and safe way … A true culinary show.

Steakhouses or Rotisserie

The rotisserie or rotisserie is a technique of ancient and medieval roast by sword, ideal for large pieces of meat, poultry and even fish or fruits. It is a primitive technique, where there is no barrier between the product and the heat source.

This technique allows to achieve more pronounced browning and the arrangement of the pieces in the swords, makes the product bathe in its own juice, achieving unique flavors and textures.

Tandoori ovens

Used in Asian cuisine, in addition to flatbreads, other foods can also be cooked in this type of oven. Tandoori chicken is perhaps one of the most common examples.

Kamado Barbecues

The main feature of Kamados barbecues is their versatility, which allow different functions depending on the configuration.

Among others, we can cook with direct heat, grilled, grilled, indirect heat, as an oven, as a smoker, at low temperature and very slowly, or at traditional temperatures, with or without smoke.

Fry tops

Ideal for grilling all kinds of culinary preparations, it allows you to control and regulate the cooking temperature using a thermostat; In addition to being presented in a variety of sizes and types of cooking surfaces in various.

Fry-top en zona de pescados y mariscos. Buffet Iberostar Varadero. Cuba


The María Baths help to achieve a uniform temperature in the elements of our kitchen. They have a perforated false bottom to support the containers, adjustable temperatures of 30-90 ° C, suitable tanks for collecting trays h 150mm, with overflow level and coated resistors located outside the tank.

Pasta Cooker

The cooking quality of pasta, rice or vegetables depends, followed by the raw material, on the efficiency of the equipment with which it is cooked. Our pasta cookers offer resistance, reliability, safety and ease of use. Unlike the Maria Baths, its cooking method is direct, since the food comes into contact with the cooking liquid.

Detalle Zona de Pastas. Buffet Iberostar Varadero. Cuba.


Gas, electric, vitroceramic and induction cookers:

Cocina de dos fuegos
Cocina de dos fuegos integrada al mueble buffet

The main advantage for chefs who opt for an industrial gas cooker is a superior ability to generate heat, which are more reactive in situations of heavy workload, and also constitute an economic energy source, although not renewable.

For its part, the main advantage of an industrial kitchen, whose operation is driven by electricity, is that the cleaning and maintenance of the machines is faster and easier.

Cutting stations

With pre-focused heat, which covers the entire surface to distribute it effectively and thus keep the food at its optimum service temperature for a longer time.

Decorative cutting stations are portable and are presented in independent, simple, double, round or rectangular models; they achieve the correct service temperatures with their superior, adjustable and stylish heat lamps, while displaying food with great appeal and functionality.

Pizza ovens

Of firewood

They are made in bright and striking finishes and materials, which prevent heat loss, in addition to confer resistance and robustness to the whole. The internal shape of the combustion chamber guarantees the maintenance of baking with low fuel consumption.


Thanks to the use of special materials with high insulating power, they guarantee energy savings.


These products are mostly used to provide breakfast service in hotels, dining rooms, coffee shops, offices and buffets. They have a high production per hour, obtaining better results in the minimum space, and speed variator.

Soup pots

Ideal to keep the temperature in soups and liquids.

olla sopera
Ollas soperas en zona de panes. Buffet Iberostar Varadero


Cast iron plate surface with non-stick treatment, without coatings and easy to clean, allow crepes to be made quickly and easily. The special shape of the burners guarantees a uniform distribution of heat throughout the plate.

Extraction hoods

Manufactured with premium stainless steel, we present a wide range of extraction hoods (murals, central), practical and solid; designed to be integrated in large, medium and small kitchens. This product offers a perfect balance between quality, functionality and profitability.

Perfect finishes

Surround design, completely welded; They have joints without rivets or screws in sight, flat edges that facilitate cleaning and avoid cuts and filters without separators for greater extraction capacity.

Functional plenum

Large interior plenum that can be optionally equipped with individual control flaps for each filter or with different extraction turbines of the highest quality and performance.

Practical details and options

Optional extinguishing system, flame filters included, in stainless steel. They have solid wall anchors for quick and easy installation; stainless steel drain plugs, anti-cut chamfered edges and optional extraction bezel.

Hermetic body

The welded envelope is completely hermetic, eliminating the escape of fumes and the external dripping of fats. The drainage system conducts the grease by gravity to the drain plugs for evacuation.


Industrial and inverted hoods can optionally be equipped with self-extinguishing fire systems, waterproof luminaires of high luminosity and low consumption, among other accessories.

Union kit

The lengths greater than 3 meters are supplied in 2 pieces that are assembled by means of a robust hidden joint kit and easy assembly, resulting in a uniform set of perfect finish.

Refrigerated tables

Refrigerated tables are an indispensable element in any professional kitchen, in addition to offering the obvious functionality of freezing, they are used as work tables.

Thanks to the variety of its formats, the tables admit the most diverse uses:

  • Facing the public: tables with display cabinets with the possibility of self-service.
  • Kitchen tables: they provide free surfaces for working with fresh materials, as well as spaces for storage.
  • Tables located against the wall: because of their mural design, they complement the shelves located above.
  • In front of the bar or in front of the counter: they allow work inside the bar.
  • Support for kitchen equipment such as coffee makers, coffee grinders, juice extractors and others.
  • Refrigerated tables under counter: with surfaces that allow to work on them.

The refrigerated tables also have the following characteristics:

  • Wide range of sizes. External and internal stainless steel manufacturing, with curved edges and inlaid bottom. Reversible opening doors, with closing system.
  • Embedded stainless buttress, with interior light in glass door models.
  • Interior shelves of plasticized steel rod, with adjustable height.
  • Feet in stainless steel tube, with adjustable height.
  • Ventilated and removable condensing unit.
  • Digital temperature control.
  • Efficiency in energy consumption.

Pizza table

Specially designed for the preparation of pizzas and salads, our pizza tables are made of stainless steel, exterior and interior, which guarantees durability and resistance.

Mesa preparación de pizzas
Mesa para preparación de pizzas integrada al mueble buffet

Destined for professional use in hospitality and catering, they are ideal for kitchens with reduced space, as they offer a larger work surface and greater storage capacity. The tables have individual cabinets and trays, as well as buckets in the upper area to store and locate all the necessary ingredients and work items.

Cocktail tables and furniture

Mesa coctelera
Mesa coctelera

Ergonomics and productivity

Professional, ergonomic, compact and well-equipped tables, designed to facilitate and optimize the work of the bartender, increasing his productivity.

Refrigerated models

The refrigerated models are compact and functional cocktail stations, which have a cold room equipped with large drawers that can be completely removed using telescopic guides.

Vats practice isolated

Large vats insulated with high density and high thickness injected polyurethane. Welded, sealed and with drain, which also has double perforated bottoms, mobile separators and buckets.

Barra en Iberostar Alcudia Park, España
Barra en Iberostar Alcudia Park, España

Professional functionality

Sink with tap, double perforated bottom and wet-cups, includes cutting board with removable waste container, polypropylene bar-shakers, mixer stand, fast rails, and so on.

Broad range

We offer a table for every need: from basic models, for combined, professional cocktail tables, refrigerated cocktail stations, to mobile cocktail furniture with bar and decorative panel, among others.

Depending on each model, options and accessories such as a second fast lane, gastronorm buckets for ingredients, various types of faucets, wheels, top bar and decorative panel can be equipped.

Hot tables

A hot table is a team that links the kitchen and the buffet area where food is served. Its main purpose is to keep the dish warm from when food is placed until it is finally served, as well as to preserve it in a more hygienic environment.

Usually made of stainless steel, hot tables are available in different sizes with adjustable height legs; They have temperature control, usually from 0-90ºC and can include analog or digital thermostats as well as shelves for placing the plates.

Refrigerated display cabinets on table

It is a compact, low energy consumption refrigeration equipment; Designed for refrigeration and exhibition of cold products, dairy products, fruits, drinks and food in general. Refrigerated display cases are suitable for all types of facilities such as buffets, coffee shops, patisseries or self-service areas.

They are adaptable to any space and are highly versatile thanks to their mobility. In their most modern designs they offer frontal and lateral transparency and interior lighting, providing greater breadth and clarity, which enhances the qualities of food.

Refrigerated Insert Showcases

They are refrigerated showcases with several levels and cold bowl, ideal for the maintenance and exposure of cold dishes or drinks during the service. Made of stainless steel they have interior lighting.

Wine display cabinet

We offer a wide variety of wine coolers in the most diverse sizes and models to choose from, depending on the available space and the cooling system that best suits the needs of each project. Our showcases have been designed to provide solutions to the presentation and preservation of wine, both from the bar and other drinks in buffet. They have a spectacular and attractive design that will give prestige and elegance to your establishment.

Display cabinets for ice cream

Unlike traditional displays, with our pozzetti the ice cream is in sight thanks to the doors of tempered and heated pyrolytic glass (for 2 or 4 holes) that open, act as a protective barrier between the customer and the ice cream.

vitrinas de helados
Vitrina de helados

Thanks to the perimeter lighting with LED highlights the natural colors of the product; while the new design of insulated vats allows to create a double row of equidistant buckets, even with different operating temperatures (for ice cream, slush or cream). This allows to contain the dimensions of the counter, thus facilitating the work for the operator.

Equipped with anti-rotation cuvettes, our showcases are ideal for achieving customized solutions in each project, as well as being simple and hygienic, thanks to the ease of extracting all the elements inside the tank.

Beer dispensers

We have a variety of models to choose from, according to the style of each project and client. Our dispensers provide customization and originality to the spaces, without affecting their functions.

Dispensador de cervezas
Dispensador de cervezas

Beverage dispensers

Suitable for almost any situation that requires the supply of hot or cold drinks. Available in a variety of capacities, the dispensers are easy to operate and convenient to use. They contribute to the conservation of beverages and their separate ice core, it does not dilute the content while maintaining its quality.

Breakfast Dispensers

Machines designed to provide breakfast service in hotels, dining rooms, offices and buffets. Breakfast dispensers guarantee quick service, and thanks to the water connection, they are automatically refilled simplifying their use, as well as having an independent hot water outlet for infusions or soups.

Zona de panes. Buffet Iberostar Playa de Palma. España
Zona de panes. Buffet Iberostar Playa de Palma. España

All models are equipped with a signaling system, cleaning program and rinse function on the control panel. They have a clear menu of options with LED lighting, ensure an optimal flow of ingredients; and the hot water system tends to form less waste (lime), improving the durability of the equipment. 

Cereal dispensers

Cereal dispensers are aesthetic and very hygienic, as they will ensure that the hands do not come into direct contact with food. They are practical storage and have ration control, offer the customer great facilities when serving a bowl of cereals.

They are especially suitable for a wide variety of dry products (cereals, nuts cocktail, candies, muesli).

Coffee makers

They are a basic work tool for any buffet, cafeteria or restaurant. Professional espresso coffee machines are able to meet the highest standards and the demanding requirements of the coffee market.

Industrial coffee machines, in addition to being a work tool, their appearance and design of the set, filter holders, lancets and body, are a business card to customers.

Coffee mills

Coffee mills play such an essential role in the Hospitality, as they guarantee the quality of the grinding of the grain, a key factor when preparing a good coffee.

It is recommended to prepare coffee when it is freshly ground, because at that time it is when it is in a better condition to preserve each and every one of its properties and characteristics.

Coffee furniture

They guarantee an efficient use of space, have compact design modules, made of stainless steel, with removable coffee drawers and hoppers.

Heating plates

Ideal for maintaining the temperature of coffee jugs.


A cold slicer is the perfect complement to a vacuum packing machine, if the goal is to save time and take advantage of available spaces. It is an indispensable machinery, since serving sausages with the most appropriate thickness is a guarantee of quality for any business.

We have manual, semi-automatic and automatic models; high power and with a variety of cutting discs, in addition to silent, safe and easy to clean machines.

Chocolate fountain

Fuente de chocolate
Fuente de Chocolate en zona de postres. Buffet Iberostar Playa de Palma. España

A chocolate maker is the type of machinery that fits many environments such as chocolate shops, buffets, churrerías, bars, coffee shops, events, food trucks and restaurants.

Chaffing dishes

This equipment prevents the buffet dishes from cooling down and losing their properties and value. They consist of a steel tray and a handle cover; They are portable and have 1 or 2 lighters lit, or an electric heat generating element to maintain the temperature of the food.

We have built-in models, round format, which are more practical for sauces, casserole-type entrees and some vegetables. While rectangular models are more suitable for foods that should be kept flat: stuffed chicken breasts, fish fillets, lasagna and asparagus, among others.

Dim Sum Insertion Set

Ideal for the preparation of healthy dishes, reducing the use of fats. This set is indispensable in the modern kitchen of restaurants and hotels and is available in several sizes, also allows you to add the lid optionally.

Plate trolleys

The trolleys and tray holders are very efficient to achieve an adequate presentation and fast and satisfactory service in the buffet. Either to transport hot or cold dishes, these elements are widely used for quick and efficient plating. In addition, the trolleys for transporting trays are adapted to the Gastronorm standard in several sizes.

Hot cars

Hot cars have the main function of keeping dishes at an optimum temperature and serving them in perfect condition. The food must be already hot when you enter a car and it will help you stay at the right temperature for the necessary time, while you arrive at your destination.

We have cars of various levels, to meet the requirements of different types of business.

Buffet Islands

Buffet Islands are versatile because of their mobility and design, they allow comfortable access for both the client and the service; they can be neutral, cold, hot, with refrigerated or freezing vats, which admit from juices to ice cream.

They allow the access of diners from all sides, so they are a great complement to your buffet or restaurant, increasing the capacity and ease of access to food at breakfast or lunch.


We create light environments, suitable for each use of space, so that the lighting offers a real dining experience to the diners. We develop lighting projects for buffets, which allow controlling lighting scenes remotely (WiFi), using LED technology, which maximizes energy efficiency and protects the environment.

Bread displays

Showing an irresistible and freshly baked bread is the goal of our exhibiting teams. Available in different sizes, styles and materials, we design and manufacture the equipment tailored to each project and client, depending on the space, style and design of the premises.

Food Trucks and Drink Trucks

Food Truck: a restaurant on wheels. This type of machinery has the great advantage of choosing where to provide the service and taking the gastronomic offer to where the customers are.

Equipped with everything necessary to ensure optimal operation in kitchens, it has total autonomy. They are functional to attend private events and diversify the options of each buffet; In addition to being highly profitable. 

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