Bicycle cars

GEM Custom bicycle cars to bring the service closer to customers. Ideal for catering events and hotel outdoor areas.

Fire detection and extinction system

System designed to cover all possible sources of fire in industrial kitchens. It works pneumatically, it is simple and effective. It only needs the heat of the fire to function.

Air purifier

The Mobile Air Filtration Unit is a portable equipment whose function is to purify the surrounding air of an enclosure, […]

Gel dispensers

The use of alcohol gel will become increasingly essential. In addition to its preventive effects, its repeated application will provide […]

Anti-sneeze screens and glass

Anti-sneeze screens and glass are essential for food protection in hotels and restaurants. These cares should be accentuated in buffets, […]

Ceiling fans

Faro Barcelona is a company specialized in the manufacture of lamps and ceiling fans, with more than 70 years of […]