The furniture and equipment selection process is undoubtedly demanding, as it is not always easy to find that product that integrates quality materials, an ideal design and high technical functionality. In hospitality, almost no team escapes this situation, while most must be in direct contact with the client and often managed by him. Such is the case of ceiling fans, articles of significant importance due to their usability and preponderance in certain installations.

Whether in the rooms of a Resort, in meeting rooms, buffets or even terraces, these equipment are highly required by hospitality facilities, hence the recommendation is to choose manufacturers capable of guaranteeing their durability under conditions of continued exploitation.

In this aspect, Faro Barcelona stands out, with a wide range of products whose diversity in finishes and colors gives them adaptability to the aesthetics of each place and with wide possibilities for their selection, from the most basic models to the multifunctional ones.

Its main use as an object for cooling includes 2 modes designed to achieve thermal comfort at any stage of the year: the summer mode, whose design generates a refreshing breeze in the room, while the winter mode facilitates recirculation of hot air and prevents its stratification, also reducing condensation problems in areas of temperature changes.

Ceiling fans that integrate quality materials, an ideal design and high technical functionality
Ceiling fans that integrate quality materials, an ideal design and high technical functionality

With a moderate investment, ceiling fans are beneficial to human health, by not causing dry environments such as air conditioners, while offering a pleasant thermal sensation by creating air currents circulating in the room. Another advantage is its limited impact on the environment, as it is efficient equipment, not emitting gases or waste and with low energy consumption.

They are beneficial for human health, by not causing dry environments such as air conditioners
They are beneficial for human health, by not causing dry environments such as air conditioners

From a technical point of view, Faro Barcelona ceiling fans have long-lasting DC (direct current) motors, with 100% copper winding, which translates into efficiency and robustness, to the point of offering a guarantee of up to 15 years optimal use, without falls and with proper maintenance. Aside from their quality, these motors are quiet, light, and have a range of up to 6 speeds for greater comfort, making them an ideal choice for both rooms and socializing areas.

Long life DC motors
Long life DC motors

When choosing the most suitable fan for a space, elements such as the use that will be given to the room, its dimensions and especially the height and inclination of the ceiling must be considered. The Faro Barcelona models are fully adaptable and adjustable depending on the needs of the space: the seatpost can be adjusted, even directly attached to the ceiling. They also present models suitable for installation in outdoor areas, which incorporate special protection against wind, humidity and salinity.

One of the most relevant characteristics of the ceiling fans of this Catalan company is related to the equipment’s control systems. These may include the conventional control system: manually operated by traditional chains located on the fan, or controlled by a remote control, which allows greater autonomy and ease of use. Finally, the wall regulator is a conventional mechanism appropriate for use in the hospitality industry, as it reduces the risk of loss of the remote control, does not require battery changes and ensures the handling of the equipment by service personnel , if necessary.


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As a novelty, these fans incorporate an intelligent control system operated through smartphones or tablets through the use of a mobile application, which enables remote operation of the equipment by the user. In turn, they incorporate compatibility with virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, which allow the voice control of the team anytime, anywhere.

There is no doubt that selecting which type of equipment to invest in is a complex decision involving many elements; however, we are able to help you choose the ceiling fan that best suits your needs. We have trained and experienced professionals and the support of companies that, like Faro Barcelona, ​​offer solutions that combine technology, functionality and aesthetics. Contact us for any request or concern about your project or facilities.

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