Lobby Bar Hotel H10 El Faro

Although bars are a very common type of entrepreneurship today, do not think that it is an easy task to start yours. But if you already decided, you cannot forget these basic elements before opening your business.

Bar Iberostar Grand Hotel Portal Nous
Bar Iberostar Grand Hotel Portal Nous

To undertake in any type of business it is essential to have defined both our objectives and our capabilities to carry out a business initiative, especially if it is related to the restoration. When it comes to a bar, if you want to succeed, you must be clear about the complexities and requirements that its development implies; and above all, follow a series of steps before launching into the market. In this post we present the fundamentals:

1 – Define the type of bar:

Decoración temática Sport Bar
Decoración temática Sport Bar. Iberostar Alcudia Park. Islas Baleares. España

Tapas, sports, vintage or thematic; The first thing on your list should be the type of business you are going to develop. Evaluate current trends and characteristics of your target customers, this will help you define not only the style of the premises, but the space, the offer, the schedules and equipment required.

2 – Choose the right place:

Bar Ginger. España
Bar Ginger. España

More than in any other type of business, location is a success factor for a bar, so it must be chosen carefully. Whether rented or own, totally new or transformed, the place where your bar will be is crucial if you want to raise the chances of being visited. It is advisable to set up your business in busy places, with good visibility and easy access, otherwise you should put extra effort in promoting it.

3 – Develop a business plan:

Lobby Bar H10 Ocean Riviera Paradise. México
Lobby Bar H10 Ocean Riviera Paradise. México

In your planning you should not miss the relationship of fixed and variable costs that the bar will have, how the supply system will be, how is your ideal client, when you will reach the breakeven point … Always be clear about the available budget and try to minimize unforeseen expenses. The plan must also include a marketing strategy that guarantees the marketing of your business, the use of advertising and sales promotions.

4 – Request permits and licenses:

Each locality has its own legal requirements for businesses of this type, however licenses for the sale of alcoholic beverages and food handling, commercial and brand registrations, etc. are common in the necessary documentation. If you intend to use outdoor areas, you must consider urban and environmental regulations, such as those related to noise. Be sure to request the permits with enough time that allows you to have them by the time of opening.

5 – Select the staff:

Consider the schedule and type of service chosen for your business and hire workers accordingly. It is recommended that your staff have the same style or age as customers, but the most important thing will be their professionalism and skills. Select the bartender with special care, since the quality of your offer will depend on his work; not only for the drinks he prepares, but for the energy he manages to transmit.

6 – Choose the equipment:

Barra en Iberostar Alcudia Park, España
Barra en Iberostar Alcudia Park, España

Depending on the space and type of bar, you must invest in the appropriate equipment, starting with the bar itself, which is itself the main equipment. The bar must be well equipped and comfortable enough to allow the barman to carry out his work without limitations. Do not forget to include blenders, juice extractor, ice maker, in addition to all the typical bar instruments (materials and supplies).

Special mention should be made to professional coffee makers, with their grinders, and beer dispensers; These are teams that add presence and character to any bar. Most bars also have kitchens where you can prepare complementary dishes to drinks, say snacks, tapas, even hamburgers and other foods that allow you to expand the offer, and with this, the profits. If this is your case, it is usual to choose at least one 4-burner stove and oven, fryer, iron and refrigeration equipment, including display cabinets.

Lobby Bar Hotel Finest. México
Lobby Bar Hotel Finest. México

In this regard, we recommend you seek advice to make the most appropriate decisions regarding requirements, equipment performance and prices. GEM Industrial Solutions can help you, contact our specialists.

What other elements do you think should not be missing in this list? Leave your comment.

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