An effective cold store manages to maintain the color, texture, taste and smell of the food it retains. We execute from the design of the project and the supply of materials, to the complete installation of the cold room.

We offer a comprehensive service in the manufacture of industrial refrigerators and carry out installations of all kinds, both for the commercial and industrial sectors, with capacities from 12 to over 900 tons of cold.

Commercial cold rooms

We offer an integral service in the manufacture of industrial refrigerators and we carry out installations of all kinds, both for the commercial and industrial sectors, with capacity from 12 to more than 900 tons of cold.

We study the real situation of the installation, measure for each case the refrigeration demand, and the critical points of consumption in the chambers or refrigeration facilities. We offer high energy efficiency in installed equipment, reducing energy consumption without affecting the efficiency of the facilities.

Modular cold rooms

We design, manufacture and install modular cold storage, preservation and freezing chambers. You can choose between several panel thickness options: from 80, 100 and up to 150mm, to guarantee the perfect isolation and performance of your refrigeration equipment, depending on the needs of each project.

Cámara modular expositora
Cámara modular expositora

We guarantee a fast, simple and high aesthetic assembly, thanks to the technical characteristics of the cameras and the assistance offered by our specialists. We also offer modular display chambers, with glazed front doors, made with standard size sandwich panels, with tongue and groove joint in all joints. In both cases, the insulation achieved ensures tightness and energy savings.

Preparation chambers

We design, design and install preparation cameras tailored to the client. These cold rooms, designed to place, produce, process or temporarily store food, are characterized by their easy assembly, lightness and economy.

They feature a panelized system that guarantees thermal impermeability, with sealing joints that allow minimal heat transfer.


We apply mortar floors, with a resin base and high mechanical resistance, resulting in polished surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain.

Our thermal insulation system, vapor barriers and re-ventilation profiles, avoid moisture generated by condensation caused by temperature changes, reduce energy consumption and extend the life of the cold store.

Walls and ceilings

We have a variety of thicknesses of polyurethane sandwich panels. (40, 80, 100, 120 and 150mm), which are the ideal solution for perfect thermal insulation. We offer rounded profiles that facilitate cleaning and also preserve hygiene; and our electropolished surfaces eliminate irregularities and create perfectly smooth and shiny walls and ceilings.


We offer optimal lighting for cold rooms. Our necessary lamps and luminaires help to preserve the quality of the products and help employees develop their work with all the necessary safety guarantees.

We guarantee with our equipment up to 20,000 hours of light, low energy consumption and total tightness, in addition to compliance with the most extreme requirements, in terms of operating conditions.

We provide an automatic intelligent lighting system that recognizes when the camera is open or closed, for greater energy efficiency, in addition to having lighting for emergencies.


Whether slats or air, our curtains help prolong the life of the cold store, improve visibility and increase the security of the enclosure; In addition to facilitating entry and exit, contributing to energy savings.


We present a diversity of doors, measures and materials for the installation of any cold room. We include sliding doors, suitable for cold storage, freezing and freezing tunnels, as well as a forklift.

Pivot doors: for cold rooms where small, versatile and lightweight doors are required.
Rapid roll up doors: motorized PVC tarpaulin, to be installed indoors. They are suitable for high traffic areas and need rapid opening and closing maneuvers.
Swing doors: used in air-conditioned environments with positive temperature. Suitable for installation in any type of food industry, supermarkets, hypermarkets, hospitality and catering.

Refrigerating equipment


We offer a wide range of evaporators for cold rooms for high medium or low temperature, in industrial and commercial models, carefully designed to achieve maximum efficiency in its operation.

These equipments are an essential part in the cold production chain, within the enclosure where it is required to maintain a low temperature and its improved airflow addressing design, and decoupled and insulated drain pan, prevents condensation and guarantees efficiency of the team.

Expansion valves

We offer a wide variety of electronic expansion valves for each project and client, in charge of controlling the automatic adjustment of the refrigerant flow and operating the system under optimal conditions, for rapid cooling or heating.

We also install expansion valves with solenoids, in addition to thermostatic ones, which adjust the amount of refrigerant that enters the evaporator, and controls the reheating of the refrigerant at its outlet.


Multi-Compressor Stations

We design and manufacture multi-compressor plants tailored to the client, their power and design vary according to each application and need. Built on a rack or custom structure, remote condensers and evaporators provide great versatility of installation to our plants, according to the available space.

We seek the most efficient integration of multiple services (conservation, freezing, air conditioning and sanitary hot water), as part of our environmental commitment.

Control and supervision systems

We install individual electrical panels and integrated electrical panels, custom designed and remotely controlled; In addition to being protected by own energy backups.

We have digital controllers for integrated and individual electrical panels, communication terminals, web servers, compensation valves and alarms; elements intended to make work in industrial and commercial spaces safer and more efficient.

Mounting Accessories

We have all the necessary materials and accessories for a professional installation of each of our equipment and services: Refrigeration pipes, welding materials, thermal insulation, electrical cables, gutters, installation screws, which together with a highly qualified technical staff and experience, complement our projects.


We offer specific metal shelves to withstand low temperatures, which are the most comfortable and efficient solution for cold rooms, since they allow to double or triple the storage space by taking advantage of the vertical axis. Built in stainless steel and polyethylene, the quality and standards of these shelves make them ideal for use in refrigerators with food and sanitary products.

These are modular shelves made of aluminum and polypropylene, very solid and resistant, easy to clean and mounted at angles, which optimize the use of space. They have adjustable legs or supports with wheels, for easy location and adjustment. In addition to safe and resistant, they are practical elements built by modules, removable, self-supporting or anchored to the ground. Thanks to its modular and standardized design, it is possible to plan each installation project in phases, to grow according to customer needs.