Tejas de pizarra natural

Slate tiles possess exceptional qualities from the point of view of strength and durability, both in warm climates as in the most extreme cold. They are fireproof and indestructible, immune to attack by insects, fungi and microorganisms. By the way, they allow for quick placement.

Slate tiles different models combine the advantages of aesthetics and quality with which are manufactured and ceilings allow different forms, perfectly integrated into its surroundings.


-Economical and easy to placing. The materials used are traditional.
-Minimum Maintenance
-Adaptables to any type of design and architecture.
-Totally corrosion resistant to moisture and corrosive atmospheric agents.
-Resistant and light.
-Inmunes to attacks by insects, fungi and microorganisms.
-Have reduced weight, ease and speed of installation.
-Impermeables, unaffected by low temperatures, fireproof, and do not change their color.

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