Every day with more frequency, restaurants, hotels and all kinds of buildings that have industrial kitchens demand fire detection and extinguishing systems that provide maximum protection.

It seeks, on the one hand, to safeguard assets and people against these potential sources of fire and, on the other, an effective extinguishing that minimizes downtime without compromising the hygiene of the premises. These facilities work with fire in environments of abundant fuel (gas, oil, grease, etc.); proximity that can easily start and spread a fire with serious consequences that can end the business or activity.

GEM - Fire detection and extinction system
System designed to fully cover all possible fire sources

We have a system specifically designed to fully cover all possible sources of fire that may occur: cookers, irons, fryers, grills, salamanders, wok, etc. In the same way, other spaces are protected (with equal danger) such as: extraction ducts, hood filters and plenums.

GEM - Fire detection and extinction system
Maximum fire protection in industrial kitchens

Our automatic fire detection system does its job in an instant and when you don’t need it, it stays out of your way.

GEM - Fire detection and extinction system
  • Adaptable with total comfort to any type of existing or new kitchen
  • Easy to maintain and install.
  • Full protection and security 24x7x365
  • Its simplicity, low cost and efficiency make it the ideal option for reduced risks or difficult to access.

The system is made up of three fundamental parts:

It has a pneumatic pipe that triggers the system automatically when the heat of the fire activates the detection.

Elements for detection

Discharge diffusers


GEM - Fire detection and extinction system

Overlay coverage with possibilities to reconfigure your kitchen without reducing protection.

We have spare parts in stock for the care of preventive and corrective maintenance.


Anti-sneeze screens and glass