The new circumstances imposed by the health emergency require alternatives that allow the hotel sector to adapt to current conditions. Faced with these difficulties, food trucks are a valid option to bring hotel gastronomic services to more customers, efficiently and safely.

Thanks to their characteristics, food trucks allow:

They put food, in all its wide diversity, within everyone’s reach, anytime, anywhere. Its dimensions and mobility allow it to be located in places where it is not possible to build gastronomic facilities, it also gives the possibility of varying its location as appropriate.

By using them as a complement to gastronomic spaces, a greater capacity is achieved at times such as breakfast, lunch or dinner. In the same way, the possibilities of service are increased by bringing food to the customer, instead of waiting for it. For example, by placing several specialized food trucks in an area such as the pool, it is possible to offer the breakfast service in different parts of the hotel and thus considerably expand the buffet’s capabilities.

When operating in open spaces, the areas can be chosen freely, therefore it is possible to flexibly handle the number of tables and place them at the distance required by the new sanitary regulations. In turn, crowds around the buffet stations are avoided and the customer can move wherever he wants.

Each food truck is unique, regardless of whether they are thematic; therefore, according to the needs of each gastronomic service, the client can choose the equipment as desired.

Being made of stainless steel, its smooth metal surface prevents bacteria from adhering to it. This quality is crucial when it comes to food contact with utensils or equipment.

Vintage or contemporary, picturesque or discreet style, custom designs allow you to adapt to the characteristics of the environment, reinforce the image of the installation or recreate themes that may be attractive to customers. Depending on the commercial identity of the business, it is possible to choose how each food truck will look.

Chef Truck

The food truck dining experience can be taken to another level when offering dishes with more complex elaborations and better presentations, even gourmet. To achieve this, more complex equipment is required to allow various cooking, but it will be more attractive as it is created around the chef and his dishes, an interesting culinary show for customers.

  • Thai Street home salad, shrimp, peanut, lime, fresh mint and raw vegetables.
  • Chicken and vegetable wrap with creamy white cheese.
  • Shawarma Truck, thin sheets of roast beef, tahine, mint, ripe tomato and turnips in vinegar.
  • The chicken and vegetable taco, Hass guacamole, white mayonnaise sauce with lemon, chili.

Salad Truck

Vegetarian, vegan and organic food options are gaining more and more followers worldwide. So it is recommended to take them into account if you intend to have a quality service and international standards. Food trucks do not escape this trend, but adapt healthy food menus to their style, offering salads accompanied by the most varied dressings, to increase their flavor. You will get extra points for the management of the food truck that incorporates local producers of vegetables, legumes and fruits into your offer, provided that they meet certain quality requirements.

  • Mezclum BIO, smoked beets, walnuts, mollet eggs, kremat rye bread, gomasio and grape vinaigrette.
  • Cesar Roman salad and shrimp, crispy toast.
  • Mozzarella on arugula, candied cherry tomato, tender onion, green pesto.

Coffee Truck

This type of food truck specializes in serving coffee in its different preparations and recipes. They are ideal to consume at all times, the same in terraces, gardens as in shopping malls. If the drinks are accompanied with basic pastry products, it will be an excellent company for moments of rest or socialization.

  • Wild berry muffins with grapefruit sour crumble
  • Butter croissant with sweet ham, thin slices of manchego, cucumber pickles
  • Caramel donuts stuffed with banana, sesame torec

Sweet Truck

If there is an attractive food truck for any type of customer, it is one designed for desserts and sweets. In addition to providing muffins, donuts and cakes, it is possible to expand the offerings by simply incorporating ice cream mixers, yogurt dispensers or gelato displays. The design possibilities of this type of food truck are almost endless, and it is even possible to adapt the products (and the equipment) according to the season of the year, prioritizing ice creams in the summer, and sweets and chocolates in the winter.

  • Chocolate eclairs great tradition, crunchy pearl crumble of passion fruit
  • Bourbon vanilla strudel, creamy chantilly and Antillean rum
  • Pecan Tartlet, Wildflower Honey Emulsion, Acid Caramel

Fresh Truck

Refreshing drinks such as smoothies, slushies or milkshakes are very successful with all kinds of clients, especially in pool areas or beaches.

Why not make fruit available to diners as well? Apart from the juices and juices made from fruits, enjoying these in their most natural state can become a new experience, especially if the food truck is located in a destination with a wide variety of exotic or endemic fruits.

  • Tropical Fresh Truck: orange, green lemon, ginger, carrot.
  • Health Day Wheels: cucumber, spinach, parsley, orange, lemon, celery.
  • Fresh Moment Truck: orange, strawberry, basil, citronella.

Cocktails Truck

The options are endless when it comes to food trucks for drinks. Only in cocktails it is possible to choose varied designs according to style: be it classic, tiki, non-alcoholic cocktails or for beers.

Sushi Truck

Whether with regional food or with more international styles, ethnic food has an undeniable appeal that can also be exploited in a food truck. Asian gastronomy such as Korean, Japanese or Chinese, present dishes that are very adaptable to this format of agile service and easy to present. Others, like Mexican and Peruvian food, due to their high international diffusion have many followers, hence they are a valid option to conceive a striking food truck wherever it is located.

Of hamburgers and hotdogs

Not by usual, hamburger and hot dog food trucks are less interesting. These are a safe bet, which can include variants of sandwiches and rolls, in addition to the most varied garnishes that can become true protagonists.


An interesting option for any restaurant is to specialize in one type of product or even cooking technique, and this principle is easily applicable to a food truck. Hence, it is valid to have food trucks focused on preparations with chicken or pork; the same as in waffles or crepes. Likewise, food trucks for barbecue, or deep fried food such as empanadas or croquettes are very striking. It is important that the more specific the offer, the more than one food truck must attend in the same area of ​​the hotel, in order to achieve a gastronomic variety acceptable to customers.

Beyond representing a gastronomic trend, a food truck is an advantageous resource for hoteliers. Regardless of the format or style chosen, food trucks represent a valid alternative for expanding capacities and extending the gastronomic service in the sector, while facilitating compliance with the latest security requirements. We invite you to evaluate its many advantages and to contact our specialists in case you need advice to decide which food truck best suits your business.