We design and build industrial kitchens for hospitality.

We guarantee the resistance, durability and easy cleaning of our kitchens.

The kitchen is, perhaps, the most important part of your business. It is there where they prepare those dishes that help to differentiate their premises from the rest.

Therefore we study and propose the most appropriate distribution of the elements to build a kitchen to suit you, depending on each project and to meet the needs of each client, because we are aware that it is in the kitchens where everything happens.

We include a wide range of equipment.

Radiant irons:

For traditional low temperature cooking and maintaining a constant temperature in pots of varied sizes, including large pots.

Electric irons

Ideal for boiling in large capacity pots and for maintenance cooking. They present, in addition to ease of cleaning, low energy consumption.

Induction plates:

It is a high performance cooking system, combines efficiency and energy saving, with absolute cleanliness.

Gas cookers

Useful for cooking directly over the flames, for roasting or sautéing.

Cocina Hotel Finest. México
Cocina Hotel Finest. México

Wok burners

Designed to concentrate intense heat in a small region of the bottom of the pan, using a relatively small amount of fuel.

Pasta Cooker

Ideal for cooking pasta, rice, vegetables and eggs.

Bain marie

Created to maintain the temperature of the food once prepared; or for delicate cooking or that does not require a direct source of heat.

Deep fryers

Ideal for deep frying, and in abundant oil, of vegetables, fish, meats and various preparations.

Fried Maintainers

Designed to keep preparations at a constant temperature, thanks to the use of infrared lamps.

Braising pans

They allow frying, stew, stew, or roast the most varied dishes. Ideal for both dry and wet heat cooking.

Boiling pans

Suitable for cooking in water or, in any case, to achieve high productivity. They provide direct and indirect heating.

Charcoal grills

They allow roasting meats, fish and vegetables, recreating the traditional grilled cooking.

Neutral elements

They facilitate the work in the kitchens, adding useful surfaces, according to the needs of the chef and his team.

Stock pot burner

Designed to cook in large pots, they feature high power burners.


Versatile for grilling all kinds of culinary preparations.

Convection ovens

Both steam and combined.


For vacuum cooking, with this low temperature cooking implement it is possible to get the most out of food. It offers a precise control of the temperature, in the middle of the time and without losses in the volume of the pieces.

Food dehydrators

They allow, in a healthy way, to cook or preserve food for a longer period of time, without them losing their qualities.


What kind of cuisine is best for my restaurant?

The kitchen is undoubtedly the most important element of a restaurant, it is the heart and soul of each gastronomic business and most of our resources, efforts and attention are concentrated there.


Used not only to gratin, but to maintain the temperature of the preparations as well as plate warmers.

Vacuum packagers

Ideal for keeping virtually any type of fresh food, such as meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, dried vegetables, cheeses and sausages.

Blast chillers

They allow, through the rapid decrease of the temperature, the preservation of food, as well as its characteristics of freshness, hygiene and quality; They help reduce the risks of bacterial proliferation.

Extraction systems

We choose the most suitable for each client, according to the characteristics of their kitchen, following the technical, state, regional or local standards.

Cocina Hotel H10 Ocean Piviera Paradise
Cocina Hotel H10 Ocean Piviera Paradise

Exhaust hoods

They guarantee a clean environment of smoke and odors in the kitchens.


Refrigerated and hot trolleys

Useful for transporting hot or cold dishes and achieving a fast and efficient setting, the dish trolleys are widely used in large kitchens, buffets, banquets and events.

Rack trolleys

They are the most suitable for the storage of the finished product, in builders, bakeries and patisseries. They also serve as cooking in rotary ovens.

Refrigerated counters

Refrigerated tables are an indispensable element in any professional kitchen, in addition to offering the obvious functionality of freezing, they are used as work tables.

Thanks to the variety of its formats, the tables admit the most diverse uses:

  • Facing the public: tables with display cabinets with the possibility of self-service.
  • Kitchen tables: they provide free surfaces for working with fresh materials, as well as spaces for storage.
  • Tables located against the wall: because of their mural design, they complement the shelves located above.
  • In front of the bar or in front of the counter: they allow work inside the bar.
  • Support for kitchen equipment such as coffee makers, coffee grinders, juice extractors and others.
  • Refrigerated tables under counter: with surfaces that allow to work on them.

The refrigerated tables also have the following characteristics:

  • Wide range of sizes. External and internal stainless steel manufacturing, with curved edges and inlaid bottom. Reversible opening doors, with closing system.
  • Embedded stainless buttress, with interior light in glass door models.
  • Interior shelves of plasticized steel rod, with adjustable height.
  • Feet in stainless steel tube, with adjustable height.
  • Ventilated and removable condensing unit.
  • Digital temperature control
  • Efficiency in energy consumption.

Work counters

Made of top quality stainless steel, with solid and completely welded worktops. They have a back bib and front edge, topped with rounded edges. Of resistant structure with easy and fast assembly. They can be equipped with drawers, drawers, modules for guides and table shelves, among other accessories.

Heat and decorative lamps

Lámparas mantenedoras de calor
Lámparas mantenedoras de calor. Iberostar Grand-Hotel Portal Nous. España

They offer countless options for professional kitchens and food services. They guarantee the rapid heating of food and an attractive presentation, while decorative luminaires provide the necessary light to highlight the exhibition areas. Available with a wide range of designs and colors, multiple mounting arrangements and switch options.

Shelving and cabinets

They provide order in all kitchen spaces, while they can be adapted for use in the refrigeration, hospitality and food industries, thanks to their features and construction features. They feature a quick, simple and intuitive mounting system, easy to expand both horizontally and vertically.

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