Cocina Le Chique

If it’s true that the first bite is with the eyes, Le Chique at Azul Beach Resort Riviera Cancun is a feast in every sense. A Latin American’s Best Top 50 Restaurant, is a must stop for foodies traveling to the Riviera Maya. From the moment you arrive, the seductive décor offers a visceral taste of what’s to come – an experiential, multi-sensory dining adventure that will challenge any notions of how fine cuisine should look, feel and taste. To call Le Chique part restaurant, part house of mirrors isn’t far fetched. This is modernist cuisine, where nothing is as it seems.

Foods are deconstructed then reconstructed to resemble something else. Spheres are cocktails. Entrées masquerade as dessert. In fact, everything on Le Chique’s seasonal tasting menu was designed to puzzle, amuse and amaze you. Cuisine this inventive deserves to be put on a pedestal, which is precisely how it’s served – atop a pedestal, within a hollowed-out book, resting on a sling. All this by impresario waiters who seem to enjoy the spectacle as much as you do. Behind this pageantry is Chef Jonatán Gómez Luna and his talented culinary team, who’ve mastered the art and science of cooking to achieve astounding new flavors, textures and shapes. Add a focus on regional ingredients, sustainable growing practices and available wine pairings, and you have a dining experience that’s both a visual feast and culinary triumph.